9.00 AM
Morning Brief

Opening remarks

Silmyi M Sadek (MY) – Brand Geeks Inc

9.20 AM
Opening Keynote Day 2

How do businesses navigate the marketing tech of the future and the arising ethical issues?

Andeed Ma (SG) – SwissCognitive
Karamjit Singh (MY) – Digital News Asia

9.55 AM
UNIFY Panel 3

How to improve your advertising ROI with targeted ads powered by persona analytics.

Safura Atan (MY) – StratNaviGo
Ashran Dato’ Ghazi (MY) – Dattel Asia Group
Azlan Shah (MY) – MeDKAD

10.15 AM

Is Influencer Marketing still relevant in the age of Marketing Tech?

Richard Ker (MY) – Richard Ker Digital
Yuhwen Foong (MY) РSushiVid
Pia Chandra-Masters (SG) – TDCR

10.35 AM
UNIFY Panel 4

Branding & Marketing to Gen Z: Strategies to attract the future generation starting today.

Nurfarini Daing (MY) – myHarapan
Natalie Amadea (ID) – Qwork

10.55 AM
Networking Break

Free Session

11.15 AM

Strategies and tips to effectively manage omnichannel B2C marketing campaigns.

Inbaraj Suppiah (MY) – Pixaworks
Venu Mohan (Mohan) – Freshworks

11.40 AM
UNIFY Panel 5

How to improve your approach to market research for better business impact.

Jenardhanan Yeoh (MY) – Supercharge Lab, Inc
Meenakshi Shunmugham (SG) – Blackbox Research

12.00 PM

How does community engagement help brands build a massive competitive advantage?

Jeremy Ho (SG) – Supercharge Lab, Inc
Macarthur Tan (SG) – Burpple

12.20 PM

The increasing role of event tech to power up sustainable events.

Michael Tan (MY) – UOB
Yusno Yunos (MY) – Evenesis

12.40 PM
UNIFY Panel 6

Research-to-market fit strategies to close the research commercialisation divide.

Nurhidayah Mohd Akil (MY) – MRANTI
David Ai (UK) – LSE
Manisah Sarujee (MY) – Brand Geeks Inc

1.05 PM
Lunch Break & Networking

You can move around to start video conversations with people near you in the space.

2.00 PM
B2C Masterclass 5

Why you should pay attention to audience segmentation.

Noorhaina Mohd Noor (MY) – Dattel Asia Group

B2B Masterclass 5

Hybrid event marketing strategies for post-pandemic audiences

Jon Aziz (MY) – Evenesis

2.45 PM
B2C Masterclass 6

Understanding performance marketing and their data models.

Ryan Tiong (MY) – Supercharge Lab, Inc

B2B Masterclass 6

Reinforcing your brand with PR – How to build successful PR campaigns for B2B.

Manminder Kaur (MY) –
Biresh Vrajlal –

3.30 PM
Networking Break

Free Session

3.50 PM
B2C Masterclass 7

Growing customer love with smarter conversations that power-up your B2C business.

Venu Mohan (IN) – Freshworks

B2B Masterclass 7

How to develop an all-in-one customer data platform to unleash your business potential.

Michelle Wong (MY) – FusionQB
Joanne Ng (MY) – FusionQB

4.35 PM
B2C Masterclass 8

Managing your influencer marketing campaigns for better ROI and no drama.

Yuhwen Foong (MY) – SushiVid
Armand Md Saat (MY) – SushiVid

B2B Masterclass 8

Building your B2B Marketing Tech Stack.

Silmyi M. Sadek (MY) – Brand Geeks Inc

5.20 PM
Closing Speech

Event wrap-up

Silmyi M Sadek (MY) – Brand Geeks Inc
Manisah Sarujee (MY) – Brand Geeks Inc


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