Business to Consumer
Marketing Tech Masterclasses
  • Upgrade your marketing game by building your B2C marketing stack.
  • Short Form Videos: Tips and tricks to master the current superstar of content marketing.
  • Persona analytics to drive targeted ads via Facebook, Tiktok etc.
  • Email marketing personalisation techniques to drive engagement & revenue.
  • Leveraging on social media & marketplace to add superpowers to your webstore.
  • Managing your influencer marketing campaigns for better ROI and no drama.
  • The rise of podcasts as content marketing: how to add it into your campaigns.
  • Whatsapp automation for more effective sales funneling with community marketing.
Business to Business
Marketing Tech Masterclasses
  • Upgrade your marketing game by building your B2B marketing stack.
  • Reinforcing your brand with PR: How to build successful PR campaigns for B2B.
  • How to use Salesforce for B2B Marketing in 2022 for businesses of all sizes.
  • How to master linkedin lead generation for your brand building success.
  • Best practices to optimise your B2B video marketing efforts.
  • B2B Marketing Analytics: A guide to measuring your B2B marketing campaigns.
  • Hybrid event marketing strategies for post-pandemic audiences.
  • Getting started on SEO-focused content generation powered by AI.


Session A

Masterclass by Brand Geeks Inc – Unify

How to assess & adopt the most suitable marketing tech for your business

Masterclass by Brand Geeks Inc – Unify

Bagaimana untuk menilai & memilih teknologi pemasaran yang paling sesuai untuk bisnes anda

Masterclass by Evenesis – Amplify

From SaaS to EaaS Part I: Elevate Your Virtual Event Experience

Masterclass by Exabytes – Amplify

3 Key Elements to Grow Your Sales from RM100k to RM1mil

Masterclass by Fusion.QB – Quantify

Lead Automation Solution

Unify Workshops
Amplify Workshops

Session B

Masterclass by Dattel – Unify

Customer Personas for Effective Social Media Targeting.

Masterclass by Redbeat Academy – Amplify

Upskilling & Reskilling in Marketing Tech.

Masterclass by EasyStore – Unify

Capture Additional Sales With a Multi-Sales Channel Strategy

Masterclass by LinkedIn – Amplify

All you need to know about Advertising on LinkedIn

Masterclass by Innergia Labs – Quantify

Your Data, Your Gold Mine.


Session C

Masterclass by EasyStore – Quantify

Leveraging Data to Optimize for Ecommerce Conversions

Masterclass by Evenesis – Amplify

From SaaS to EaaS Part II: Enhanced Experience and Better Engagement with Event Website

Masterclass by Supernewsroom – Amplify

Publicity for SMEs: 5 ways to get your brand featured in the media

Masterclass by 11Trees – Quantify

Optimising Your eCommerce SME Business

Quantify Workshops
Asset 7

Session D

Masterclass by Dattel – Unify

Using Behaviour Archetypes to Find Your Competitive Advantage

Masterclass by Supernewsroom – Amplify

10 ways Supernewsroom can help SMEs to get publicity

Masterclass by NexMind AI – Unify

Using Artificial Intelligence in SEO, 10x Business Leads

Masterclass by Airmeet – Amplify

How to create the best engagement in a virtual event

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