9.00 AM
Welcome Session


Silmyi M Sadek (MY) – Brand Geeks Inc

9.20 AM
Opening Keynote

Future forward strategies that accelerate technology adoption are critical for successful growth and nation building.

Ts Mahadhir Aziz (MY) – MDEC
Jessy Chahal (MY) – Bernama News

9.55 AM

AI Marketing is already shaping our world. How do B2B businesses leverage this?

Lilyana Latiff (MY) – BETA Foundation
Anne Cheng (SG) – Supercharge Lab, Inc
Ellza Malok (US) – Blue Monarch Group

10.15 AM
UNIFY Panel 1

How has marketing tech impacted storytelling & digital content? Have the rules changed?

Dr. Nisa Omar (MY) – IUMW
Dato’ Beatrice Maria (MY) – The IBR Asia Group

10.35 AM

 Avoiding vanity matrices by rethinking campaign measurement with better data.

Adzfar Aziz (MY) – iDigital Global Solutions
William Heng (MY) – UOB
Ginz Ooi (MY) – Adqlo

10.55 AM
Networking Break

Free Session

11.20 AM
UNIFY Panel 2

How to get your marketing team started on marketing analytics.

Chai Li Goh (BR) – Mavensdotlive
Dr. Ram Gopal Raj (MY) – AirAsia Academy
Dr. Mimi Aminah (MY) – Qwork

11.40 AM

Is the Metaverse just hype? How can it be relevant to your business?

Zaha Izrin Zahari (ID) – E3Hubs
Fariz Hanapiah (MY) – EDT
Dr. Eric Balan (MY) – Asiatech

12.00 PM

Strategies and trends in corporate innovation in marketing tech.

Amran Hassan (MY) – Etiqa Digital Solutions
Stephen Lim (MY) – FusionQB

12.20 PM

Phygital Marketing: The power of physical & traditional meets digital & interactive.

Caspar Francis (SG) – Rawspark
Fariz Hanapiah (MY) – EDT
Max VI (Virtual Influencer)

12.40 PM
Lunch Break & Networking

You can move around to start video conversations with people near you in the space.

1.35 PM
Fireside Chat
Women in Marketing Tech – What’s new in 2022 and what’s coming in 2023?

Muna Munirah (MY) – Qwork
Elle Quan (SG) – MedHyve
Melissa Jailani (MY) – MDEC
Khairul Mazwan (MY) – MRANTI

2.20 PM
B2C Masterclass 1

PR 101 guide on creating more visibility for your brand.

Manminder Kaur (MY) –

B2B Masterclass 1

Exploring XR (Extended Reality) for cutting edge brand experiences.

Fariz Hanapiah (MY) – EDT
Helmi Mahasan (MY) – EDT

3.05 PM
B2C Masterclass 2

How data-driven advertising tech works for SMEs.

Noorhaina Mohd Noor (MY) – Dattel Asia Group
Chuah Boon Kai (MY) – Dattel Asia Group

B2B Masterclass 2

How your content strategy can not only fill the top of the funnel but drive conversions for your B2B business.

Abel Hao Tian (SG) – Supercharge Lab, Inc

3.50 PM
Networking Break

Free Session

4.10 PM
B2C Masterclass 3

B2C Marketing Analytics: A guide to measuring your B2C marketing campaigns.

Ginz Ooi (MY) – Adqlo
Callie Siew (MY) – Adqlo

B2B Masterclass 3

Leveraging on omni-channel strategies for B2B marketing.

Amrita Padmanaban (IN) – Freshworks
Venu Mohan (IN) – Freshworks

4.55 PM
B2C Masterclass 4

Exploring e-commerce and travel targeting the global Muslim market with TheNoor Muslim Lifestyle App.

Izzairi Mohd Yamin (MY) – TheNoor

B2B Masterclass 4

Application of the Metaverse in business and academia for better interactivity, engagement & returns.

Dr. Eric Balan (MY) – Asiatech

5.40 PM

Day 1 – Wrap-up

Manisah Sarujee (MY) – Brand Geeks Inc


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